Saturday, May 28, 2011

Which to choose? (A post by Lena)

Bonjour! C'est Lena!

Have you noticed the same thing that I have? That Emily is posting less and less and I am posting more and more? I know this blog has been up-and-running for only 29 days, but it seems like Emily doesn't have enough 'voice' to keep this blog interesting. I've wanted to make a blog for myself, but I think if I had this Professor Poppet and a blog for myself that Prof. Poppet wouldn't get any updates. Having two blogs would get awfully busy.

So, the real question: should I keep this blog as Professor Poppet? Should I turn it into a blog for myself? I will set up a poll on my sidebar, so please vote there. Any comments with suggestions would be incredibly helpful! Remember, having more than one blog isn't an option for me; I'm really sorry.

Thank you for listening to my little rant!


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