Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hello, there!

Hello there! My name is Emilia Rose Bennett, but you can call me Emily. I'm an English 1940's girl stuck in the modern day, and I was shipped to America a few years ago. Now I'm living in Europe (I can't tell you where), and my life has gotten quite interesting.

I have 5 sisters, but they aren't really related, we just live together with our guardian, Lena Grace. My 'sister's' names are: 
  • Josefina Maria Montoya (Josefina)
  • Sara Caroline Pedersen (Sara)
  • Felicity Margaret Merriman (Felicity, Lissie, or Lis)
  • Kirsten Anne Larson (Kirsten or Kiri)
  • Samantha Victoria Parkington (Samantha or Sammy)
I'm right between Felicity and Kirsten, if anyone was wondering.

You might be wondering where the name for my blog came from. Well, Sara (the crazy one) watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" for the first time and the pirate says "'ello, Poppet", and Sara thought it sounded like me. So now my nick-name is Poppet. The "Professor" part comes from the part that I'm always reading. In almost all of Lena's photo stories, I'm reading on Sara's top bunk (honestly, it's a pig sty). 

Speaking of photo stories, visit Lena's Picasaweb Albums HERE.

Sorry about such a long post. Enjoy reading my new blog!



  1. Hay! I love this blog, I'll follow as soon as I can get on a computer that lets me. And thanks for putting me on your "Interesting blogs" I really appreciate it, Emily! (Or Lena ;D )

  2. Thanks Jeneca! I love to help!