Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Loaded Post

Hello! Today Lena went on a field trip to the zoo (she's studying ecology in science)! Here are a few pictures:

 I hope you enjoyed those!

I suppose you are wondering what I look like by now, and I haven't showed any pictures yet, so here are a few: 

I hope you enjoyed those too, I certainly enjoyed posing for them!

Also, there are a couple of songs that have touched Lena in her spiritual life lately, so she wants me to share them with you. The first is "More Like Falling in Love" by Jason Gray . The second one is "My Help Comes from the Lord" by The Museum
These are very inspiring songs that have always made me think hard. I hope they give you something to think about as well!

So, I hope you enjoyed this 'loaded' post!



  1. Nice pictures! You are very pretty, by the way, Emily. I love your blue eyes. :-)

    Leanna's doll

  2. Nice pictures! I like the one of the bird--is it a tucan? :)

  3. Thanks to both of you! Yes, Kendall, the bird is a Toucan. Unfortunately, the beak wasn't rainbow stripes and it wasn't eating Fruit Loops. XD