Sunday, May 29, 2011

I know, I know...


I know, I know. I haven't been posting. But you know, it's not my fault! It's all Lena's fault! SHE MIGHT BE TAKING OVER MY BLOG! Yes, it's sad. I will miss my blog. I've got my fingers crossed, but from the way the poll --> is going, it looks like I'm losing.

On a happier note, how is everyone? I'm enjoying the warmth and sunlight this afternoon, eating some ice cream and reading a book. Here's a picture:

Is it sunny and warm where you are?

Like I said, I'm really sorry I haven't posted!



  1. Well, I guess it's sunny.. the high for today is 88, and Monday will be 93!!!

  2. It is warm and sunny! Well, hot and sunny. We aren't allowed to go outside until 6-7 PM when it cools down. Mom says we will melt. It's not fair but I don't want to melt either! ;)

    I hope you get to keep your blog! But my mom wants Lena to have your blog, so we'll have to see. :(

    ~Kanani {one of Leanna's dolls}