Thursday, May 5, 2011

I will rule the dollie world, mwahahahaha!!!


Anyways, I'm on Em's blog because she is SICK! And when I say sick, I mean as sick as a dog. She was puking ALL NIGHT. 
Sara Caroline Pedersen, that is TMI.
Whatevs Lena. Anyhoo, here's a picture, just in case you don't believe me:  
So, anyways. Believe me now? We think she got food poisoning. She was the only one that had meat when we went to a restaurant last night, so the meat might have been undercooked. So now she's so sick that she can't blog.

Right, down to business. So, what's Em been telling you anyway.......
*scrolls down and looks at all the other posts*
Jumpin' Jiminies, Emily! You are SO BORING! I will liven this blog up today, mwahahahaha.....

So, at school today I told everyone that Emily was drunk and stuff so they were all like "What?" and I was all like "Yeah!" and they were all like "No --
No you didn't! I'm in half your classes, and you didn't say anything of the sort!
Lissie get out of here! And I did, in a class you aren't in. Erm, math. 
Even if you did, no one would have believed you. Bye, everyone. 

Yeah, I did tell a fib. BUT, here's what really happened today. So, the middle school book club's first meeting was supposed to start today, and Emily wanted to join (though the rest of us didn't want to), but she couldn't because she's sick. So she asked me to go. I went and I was the only one that showed up! I mean, it was me, the librarian, and the counselor. So that was pretty embarrassing. But I helped choose a book that I thought Emily would like, and I brought it home for her. It's called Crazy Jack by Donna Jo Napoli . It's a knock-off of Jack and the Beanstalk that sounds better. I think I'm changing my mind and might want to join.......

Well, come back soon!



  1. Wow Sara! You told everyone that she was drunk? Eesh. Isn't it a bit harsh? By the way please vote in my poll! Also please tell Emily I hope she gets better soon!

  2. No, I didn't really! I just thought it would be funny.... ~Sara

    Emily is better now, and we will vote in your poll!

  3. Get well soon, Emily! I hate it when I'm sick as well. ;)