Sunday, October 14, 2012

vote for me?

Hey guys!

I forgot to tell you.... I entered The Doll Wardrobe's Fashion Design Challenge!

I know my entry isn't that great but... would you vote for me? Just email Nora Demington at and say, "I vote for Entry #1." To see my entry, click HERE. To see the rest of the entries, to to the Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Challenge website.

I'm not forcing you to vote for me, as I know that there are many entries that are much better than mine. I can assure you that my second round outfit looks much better!

Thanks so much!

Love, Lena

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well, I had planned a great back-from-AG-Miami post complete with pictures and an opening video, but the video must have been too long and wouldn't load. So, I'll just show you what I got in photographic segments.

First, Josefina's party dress.

I'm sorry the pictures are so.... eugh. But it was really bright and sunny, and I could hardly see the camera screen. I was also experimenting with the aperture setting on my camera.

Hope you enjoyed!

Love, Lena

Thursday, October 4, 2012

busy, busy, busy

Hello, all!

I know, it's been a whole month since I've posted, but I've been busy, busy, busy!

First of all, the moving truck arrived at my house and all the furniture came safely and in one piece, including my dolls. The bad part is that Josefina's bed was totally destroyed.

But that brings us to the second point: I'm going to the grand opening of American Girl Miami on Saturday! I'm so excited. I'm only planning on getting a few things (including a replacement bed for Josefina), but I will be sure to take lots of pictures when I get back.

I also went to Goodwill on Tuesday, and I found some cool stuff! First of all, I found two doll-sized candlesticks that will look perfect on our doll table.

I also got a great steal: I found "Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment" by James Patterson for $2.50. But here's the best part: it is signed by him! So cool!

"Hope these pages fly! Keep reading. James Patterson"
(This is a great book series, but I recommend it for ages 10 and up.)
So, that's all for now! I hope you didn't miss me too much. ;)
Love, Lena