Monday, May 2, 2011

Carolyn's Music Tag

 This is a post by Lena! Thanks Caro!

When I think about my best friend, this pops in my head: Santa Baby (Mara Heussaff) ??????

School is: Unbreakable (Fireflight) We are strong???

My love life is: You All Dat (Baha Men) Okay.....

My theme song is: Sound of Your Name (Above The Golden State) WOW.

My favorite song to jam out and dance to is: You Stay With Me (Ricky Martin) I don't even know this song!

My favorite color is: Set The World on Fire (Britt Nicole) Hmm.

My parents are: Tsaba Tsaba (Bochabela String Orchestra) This one has no words, so....?

I am described as: Take a Chance on Me (ABBA) OH YEAH!!!!

At my wedding they will play: You Are Everything (Matthew West) Aww! *wipes a tear* So romantic!

When I have the chance to have a speech I will say: I'm Letting Go (Francesca Battistelli) Sure, why not?

When I get sad I say: Wait and See (Brandon Heath) This is good!

To make myself happy I: Cinderella (Steven Curtis Chapman) I don't dance, sorry....

When I get angry I say: Thank you for the music (ABBA) And how does this make any sense???

At my funeral they will play: S.O.S. (ABBA) LOL. It will be too late to "save my soul" at my funeral. I'll be dead already! (In heaven, hopefully!)


So, I tag anyone that wants to do this tag (It's a lot of fun)! 
Emily is going to do a separate post for her daily post now.

Thanks all!

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