Friday, November 2, 2012

i stink

So basically, I am a loser. Why?

Well, I haven't updated since the middle of October, and I didn't make a Halloween post. Bleh.

In my defense, I had to help organize a trunk-or-treat and I was seriously injured yesterday and could barely move from my spot on the sofa. I'm all better now, though. So no worries!

Basically, it's too late to make a Halloween post for my dolls, but I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that I will post about Thanksgiving. PROMISE. So if I don't hold to that promise, you can virtually slap me in the face.

On another note, I finished making an outfit someone comissioned from me! Yay!

Here are some pics:

The lady gave me the flowered material and asked me to make a dress with it for her niece's Marie-Grace doll. I surprised her with the jacket. :)

So, that's all for now! Again, my profuse apologies. :(

Love, Lena