Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May is cold here.....

Good evening, all! 'Tis I, Emily!

Spring break was so warm, in the 60s and 70s for two whole weeks, and now it's in the 50s! It's crazy. This happened last year, too. In Lena's first photo story it was May, and we were all wearing autumn clothes! 

Speaking of Lena's first photo story, May 24th will be Lena's 1 year anniversary of being on Picasa. How exciting! Be on the lookout that day for something special............

How is the weather where you live? All of our friends in Alabama are terrified because of all the terrible storms and tornadoes last month. The US is having a rough time in regard to the weather this year. First the snow and ice storms this winter, and now tornadoes in the spring! Hey, 2012 is coming..... Just kidding! We don't believe in that at our house; we believe that God will end the world when he sees fit. Anyway, we've been having a mild start to the year, regarding the weather. The winter wasn't too cold, and now we are having a decent spring (except for the 50 degree weather in May!). I'm happy.

I have a question for all of you dollies: Do your guardians know you are alive and can do things on your own? I know some dolls' guardians don't, but I was just curious.

Thanks so much for reading, you know I really appreciate it! 


PS: Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! They just make my day; also thanks for following! I can't believe I have 7 followers already (well, I guess Lena doesn't count, so 6)! ~ERB


  1. Yah, I don't believe in the "2012" thing. It's so silly! Yep, Our owner knows were alive. :)
    The weather at IN is wet. WET. RIDICULOUSLY WET!!!
    Just be glad your not here now, Emily.

  2. We are the same way in my family! We only believe the world ends when God wants it to.

    My guardian knows my sisters and I are alive; she actually talks to us sometimes but she only found out recently, like about last summer. Which is kind of close, considering how long she has had Kristy. :P

    Leanna's doll
    {Leah Maria from Picasa!}