Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Shirt

I don't usually like to make more than one post per day, but I just HAD to show you the other shirt I made for my dolls!

 I think this shirt has more of a colonial feel to it, I don't know why.....

This shirt has a blue button. XD

Just thought you'd like to see it!

Room Designing and Crafty-ness

I have been busy the last couple of days!

The first thing I did yesterday was help my mom redecorate my youngest sister's room. She was still sleeping in a baby crib-turned-day bed and her room was exactly the same as it was since the day she was born. We hadn't got around to fixing up a big girl room because of all the moving we've done. Let me tell you, this was looooong overdue! Here's what we came up with, the total cost about $10.
For a bed, we brought in the trundle bed from my room and used her old curtains as a dust ruffle. Bella already had the canopy in her room and my mom has been saving the fairy sheets back for her.

These wall stickers is what cost $10. They are super cute, and Bella chose them herself. We already owned some glow-in-the-dark stars, so we added those as well.

(Sorry this picture is so dark.) We re-purposed our shower curtain as curtains and used an older curtain for our bathroom.

This fairy picture was in my other sister's room, but Adri donated it for the good cause. ;)

The other crafty thing that I did was make a new doll shirt! I made it with a pattern that I made myself and fabric that I got for my birthday.

I think it's super cute!

There's a little decorative red button over the closure.

I wanted to do a snap, but we only had hook-and-eyes, so I used that for the closure.

Just for kicks, I wanted to show you that it is a functioning wrap top!

There are Emily and Sara, enjoying their little living room!

What do you think of my sister's new room-for-less and my dolls' new wrap top? Feel free to comment and follow!

Love, Lena

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and Emily's New Blog

 Hello everyone, Happy Valentines Day!
I know I am dreadfully late in saying it, but I have been so sick this week. I couldn't do anything but blow my nose and watch television. So here's my Valentine; I got it from Bunny Cake's Blog . Isn't it cute? I just love it.

As for the second update, Emily has her own blog again! It's still at my other blog URL (www.lenastravelingdolls.blogspot.com), but the blog is now called "Emily's Thoughts". As the poll is going so far, videos and blog are tied, but my favorite is the blog, so I count as two votes which overrides the system. ;)
This is the header of Emily's blog, what do you think? I got the idea while half asleep. :D

Do you think her eyes are too blue? I did a little editing, but they may have come out too bright. Oh well, I think it's beautiful!

Be sure to visit Emily's blog, and feel free to comment and follow!

Love, Lena

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help! I'm trapped in a space-time continuum with nothing but an ice cream cone!

Okay, so really, I'm not. But I do need help.

I have absolutely no idea what to do. My inner self is conflicted about what to do with my dolls, and that's why I haven't made any photo stories in such a long time.

One part of me is saying, "Lena, the way you use your dolls is perfect as it is. Everyone has loved them for almost two years now."
Another part of me is saying, "Girl of the Year Studios" and "Basilmentos" American girl movies and videos are so cool. You should try doing that on your Picasa."
And finally, that last bit of me that is really pulling at my heartstrings is saying, "Pleasant Piper" and "Super Inky's"  blogs are so sweet, you should do a blog like that. You had great responses when you tried it with Emily on Picasa, why not on a blog?"
So what do you think I should do? I will be putting a poll on the side of my blog -----> so that you can vote, but I would also appreciate other suggestions in your comments! Thanks for reading,


Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow, Field Trips, and Other Updates

So I have A LOT of updates.

First of all: IT IS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT IS STILL SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!


Second: I just got back from two field trips! The first one was to an abbey where we learned about monks and how they live. I got to see a castle only by torch light at night, and I got to take a hike in the woods! I can't show you any pictures or videos because they all have faces and names in them, and one person specifically told me not to post a certain video on Facebook. I assume she meant any other place as well. (It was a video of the whole class in PJs, and two guys were grabbing people by the arms and legs and tossing them onto an air bed. :P)
The second field trip was to a science museum, and I also can't post any pictures because of the same reason. :(

Another update is that my sis had a birthday and we had an EPIC Harry Potter themed birthday party for her! Here are some pics this time!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcakes. I'm going to make sock owls for Sara with some old socks. ANYWAYS........

As always, feel free to comment and follow!

Love, Lena