Thursday, June 9, 2011

How's life?

"Soooo.....How's life?" A quotation by one of my best friends, Ipek. It comes up a lot. Hence, when there is an awkward silence. Like now. Actually in this case, it would be an absence of text.

Anyways. I have 8 and a half school contact days left. WOW. It seems so real now that we are making goodbye books for my friends. It's funny business, actually. Friends were at a table writing pages for the books while two friends and I are were on "Robert duty". Racheal wasn't as crazy and stayed away, but Robert is a fighter. Literally. He was trying to push past me while Thomas tried to pull him away. I yelled out, "Why does he have to be so BIG!" and then he finally got past me. Don't get me wrong, he isn't fat, he's just bigger than I am. Like most people. XD

So, enough about my wacky friends. Even though I love them.

My friend Ayana took an AMAZING picture of me jumping today in digital photography class it is SO AWESOME!!! It doesn't even have my face in it! I would show it here but...........  I left in in the school folder. So I'll share it tomorrow.

I feel a strong desire to post some photos. My blog seems so bland compared to others, because of my lack of photos. So, here are a couple from the zoo in April (because I want some people pictures):

A swinging bridge course above the zoo (I'm the one with the bushy ponytail and the Red Cross pack)

Looking inside a giant tree

Being silly and pulling a Dudley..... At an iguana (If you've seen the first Harry Potter movie, you know what I mean)

So, that's just about it.


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