Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It was so good. Dinner, I mean. I know, I know, you are confused with the title.

No, seriously, does my dinner look good or what!? The top pic is cornbread. It was so heavenly. We haven't made cornbread since Alabama, which was TWO YEARS AGO!!! The second is a pasta-ground meat-carrot-black bean dish. It was SO YUMMY. Compliments to the chef, Mom.

So, after all that jabberiness you are thinking, "Lena is out of her mind. Someone please send her to the loony bin!" I'm not crazy, but I get like this when the end of the year is near. TEN AND A HALF DAYS, PEOPLE! Yes, Fetnat, if you're reading this we have TEN AND A HALF DAYS TO SPEND WITH ROBERT AND RACHEAL!!! You know who you are.

I have a lot of nicknames. Lena, Lena Lou, Charlie, Cyclops, and Strawberry/Grapefruit (I'm not really sure which it is. Liam has yet to decide.). And guess what? All these (other than Lena and Lena Lou, given to me by my mom) were given to me this year!

I really need to stop this babbling. I'm going crazy someone save me!


Do you like the NEW new look I gave to my blog? It just fits me SO WELL. It will stay like this until another Shabby Blog background catches my eye. *sigh*  I think I'm addicted to that website.

Anyway, stay random and please forgive my craziness!


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