Friday, June 17, 2011

The countdown begins......

4 1/2 days of school left.

1 exam down, 1 to go.

WOW. Time just flies by so fast, doesn't it? I mean, it seems like I just got back from Florida and everyone was clamoring at me to finish my photo story about what I did, and now I have my very own blog and I'm getting ready for summer. I mean, counting down the days and listening to the Beach Boys just makes it, right? Talk about fun summer music. The Beach Boys just speak to me, especially around this time of year. XD Here are some really cool pics of them:

My most favorite song by them is Surfin' Safari  on their album "Endless Safari". Their songs are AWESOME. Don't deny it. :P

What music puts you in the mood for summer? Feel free to give me a comment and a link!


PS: a signature should be coming soon! ^.^

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