Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Eve

Happy New Year, everbody! Sorry this is three days late, but I had company yesterday and I was too tired to do anything but Webkinz on Sunday. :P

My family plans for New Years Eve wasn't that exciting. We played Monopoly for 4 hours eating Halloween candy until my youngest sister went broke and my mom won with $2,300 (she only counted her 500s and 100s). Then we had a "Just Dance 3" dance off on our Wii, and I won against every single one of my four family members. =)

Then I went on AG.com around 11:45 to see McKenna come online. Boy, was I disappointed. I forgot all about the 6 hour time difference from the States, so Kanani was still online! :(

How were your New Years Eve celebrations? Feel free to comment and follow!

Love, Lena

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