Thursday, January 19, 2012

Webkinz Obsessions

I have become newly obsessed with Webkinz.

Remember how Webkinz was crazy-popular about 5 years ago, and everyone just HAD to have a Webkinz? My sister got one for her birthday, and my mom was like, "Great, ANOTHER stuffed animal." But she let us get on and see what it was, and my sister and I LOVED it! Adri and I shared her pink poodle (Ashley XD) for a couple of months, and then my other sister and I got Webkinz for Easter. I had up to 6 Webkinz on that account, and then I got bored with Webkinz, so I quit and my account expired. Then my friend bought me a Webkinz about a year later, and I re-discovered how epic Webkinz was. About 2 years ago I stopped playing on Webkinz. My littlest sister, Bella, wanted to get on Webkinz a few months ago, and we discovered that accounts stopped expiring after one year, and so we were really excited! Now I'm re-re-obsessed with Webkinz, and I LOVE playing it. Right now I'm completing challenges and decorating my backyard. XD

If anyone wants to add me, my username is eggbp98. I have a Lil'Kinz black bear and the Strawberry Cloud Leopard. I'd be happy to be friends with you all on Webkinz, if you still play.

Lena (eggbp98)

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