Friday, January 6, 2012

Welcome, McKenna!

Happy Friday, everyone!
Like a lot of people, I thought it was about time for me to severely criticize McKenna and her collection. ;)

 We'll start with McKenna herself. She's a cute doll (they all are), but I think she looks way too much like Elizabeth and Chrissa. AG really isn't creative enough anymore. There are so many girls out in the world that they could have modeled McKenna after, so many unused combinations! As for her outfit, The dress is kind of cute, but I think the colors are kind of drab for a little girl. The purple decal on the leggings bothers me, I don't know why. As for the shoes, they don't match at all! Couldn't AG have come up with something else? Maybe gray sneakers or something?
 Every year, it's the same problem with GOTY accessories: TOO MUCH PAPER!!! The water bottle, trail mix, money, and ID card are cute, but why would anyone bring their school work to gymnastics? And for another thing, I don't really know many people that wear a necklace while flipping around.
 This is pretty cute, I think. The t-shirt seems a little tacky to me, but a lot of t-shirts are in the real world. Plus, I just don't like the shorts. For one thing, I don't like velour, for another thing, the color seems like it doesn't work with the rest of the outfit. I absolutely adore the leotard and the sweater, which counts for something, I guess.
 I love this set because my sister was in gymnastics for several years, but $85 seems a litte pricy to me. Overall, cute set.
 Jammies are adorable. I'm not a big fan of AGs latest infatuation with sandal-slippers, though. the whole point of slippers is to keep your toes warm! O_o
 LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this bed!!! All the little accessories are extremely realistic and adorable. The only thing is, I don't know ANYONE that has a bright purple bed. The color is cute, but I think AG would have done better with white or a solid wood rather than purple plasic.
 This outfit is pretty cute, but there are several things wrong with it. A) the sleeves on the sweater are WAY too short. It really bothers me considering it's supposed to be long-sleeved. B) the lavender leggings don't match the outfit. If I piecing together this outfit, I would have went with black leggins. C) that brings us to the shoes. THEY DON'T MATCH EITHER! Black flats with a little dark purple bow or something would have been ADORABLE, but AG just HAD to be tacky with teal.
 Like Claire from Claire's Curiosity, I am a sucker for doll rainboots, especially polka dotted rain boots. The umbrella is also infinitely adorable. But whoever came up with the outrageous price of $34 should have their head stuffed in a hole and their milk money stolen. Max, this set is worth $20. I would pay $15.
 This doggie is adorable. Nuff said.
 This set is ALSO overpriced. The other cast set is cheaper and has more play value. The panda is cute, though.
The dress and clip are cute, but I'm not a huge fan of the shoes. Dolls can't stand up in heels!

So, that concludes my review of McKenna. What do you think about her? Feel free to comment and follow!

Love, Lena


  1. Excellent review!!! I agree with everything you said, especially on the fact that AG isn't being as creative as it should be. I'm not on the good laptop right now, so I can't type very well XP

  2. I love McKenna! I never noticed that about the shoes on her school outfit, but you're right! They don't match. Ick.
    And, I actually do know someone with a bright purple bed! ;)