Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow, Field Trips, and Other Updates

So I have A LOT of updates.

First of all: IT IS SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT IS STILL SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!


Second: I just got back from two field trips! The first one was to an abbey where we learned about monks and how they live. I got to see a castle only by torch light at night, and I got to take a hike in the woods! I can't show you any pictures or videos because they all have faces and names in them, and one person specifically told me not to post a certain video on Facebook. I assume she meant any other place as well. (It was a video of the whole class in PJs, and two guys were grabbing people by the arms and legs and tossing them onto an air bed. :P)
The second field trip was to a science museum, and I also can't post any pictures because of the same reason. :(

Another update is that my sis had a birthday and we had an EPIC Harry Potter themed birthday party for her! Here are some pics this time!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the cupcakes. I'm going to make sock owls for Sara with some old socks. ANYWAYS........

As always, feel free to comment and follow!

Love, Lena


  1. I'm thinking of having a HP themed know...I mean when it's September... But was the party fun? Asking another question, what did you do with the Sorting Hat, or was it just a decoration? The field trips sound amazing. And I've never had snow for my birthday, cause I just got into that ninth month. I hope your birthday will be fun!

  2. The party was REALLY fun! What we did with the sorting hat was that we recorded the scene from HP1 when Harry is sorted and we plugged it into the speakers. Then we put the sorting hat on each girls' head and played the recording at each turn.