Sunday, February 12, 2012

Help! I'm trapped in a space-time continuum with nothing but an ice cream cone!

Okay, so really, I'm not. But I do need help.

I have absolutely no idea what to do. My inner self is conflicted about what to do with my dolls, and that's why I haven't made any photo stories in such a long time.

One part of me is saying, "Lena, the way you use your dolls is perfect as it is. Everyone has loved them for almost two years now."
Another part of me is saying, "Girl of the Year Studios" and "Basilmentos" American girl movies and videos are so cool. You should try doing that on your Picasa."
And finally, that last bit of me that is really pulling at my heartstrings is saying, "Pleasant Piper" and "Super Inky's"  blogs are so sweet, you should do a blog like that. You had great responses when you tried it with Emily on Picasa, why not on a blog?"
So what do you think I should do? I will be putting a poll on the side of my blog -----> so that you can vote, but I would also appreciate other suggestions in your comments! Thanks for reading,



  1. I think you should start a youtube! I do youtube (I love GOTYS AND basilmentos, too XD)
    When your making videos with the dolls, you can branch out to all regions. Stop motions are like photo stories with sounds, and vlogging can be a lot like having a normal blog, ETC.
    I would LOVELOVELOVE it if you got a youtube... :D (I don't really have many youtube friends. XP)

  2. Well, I'm not allowed to have YouTube, but if the vote wins I will try doing videos on my Picasa. Sorry if I burst your bubble!

  3. Oh MY goodness! That is exactly what I think. I think you should do what you like best. I think keeping your regular blog and linking it with your picasa is good choice. That way you can do all those 3 things on one blog.