Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Room Designing and Crafty-ness

I have been busy the last couple of days!

The first thing I did yesterday was help my mom redecorate my youngest sister's room. She was still sleeping in a baby crib-turned-day bed and her room was exactly the same as it was since the day she was born. We hadn't got around to fixing up a big girl room because of all the moving we've done. Let me tell you, this was looooong overdue! Here's what we came up with, the total cost about $10.
For a bed, we brought in the trundle bed from my room and used her old curtains as a dust ruffle. Bella already had the canopy in her room and my mom has been saving the fairy sheets back for her.

These wall stickers is what cost $10. They are super cute, and Bella chose them herself. We already owned some glow-in-the-dark stars, so we added those as well.

(Sorry this picture is so dark.) We re-purposed our shower curtain as curtains and used an older curtain for our bathroom.

This fairy picture was in my other sister's room, but Adri donated it for the good cause. ;)

The other crafty thing that I did was make a new doll shirt! I made it with a pattern that I made myself and fabric that I got for my birthday.

I think it's super cute!

There's a little decorative red button over the closure.

I wanted to do a snap, but we only had hook-and-eyes, so I used that for the closure.

Just for kicks, I wanted to show you that it is a functioning wrap top!

There are Emily and Sara, enjoying their little living room!

What do you think of my sister's new room-for-less and my dolls' new wrap top? Feel free to comment and follow!

Love, Lena


  1. I love your sister's new room-for-less and your dolls' new top!!

  2. Both things are great! I love all the re-purposing in your sister's room, great ideas! :D