Friday, July 29, 2011

A warning and some updates

So, bad news, then the good news.

I know most of you (my followers and readers) are on Picasa, so I want to warn you: there is a creeper going around our pages and commenting inappropriately named "Peter (insert cuss word here)". He says inappropriate things and has inappropriate photos on his page. Please block him and delete his comments when you can. This might be the most important thing that you do. I know you hear about Internet stalkers and everyone says, "It might happen to you!" but you always say, "Psh, it won't happen to me." Well, if we don't get this guy off Picasa, it might be you. So please, let's everyone work together to get this guy out of our lives. He doesn't deserve the privilege of the Internet.

Now, on a happier note.

I GOT TO SEE THE FINALE OF HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so epic. I got to see it with CC on Monday at the AMC. It was a total surprise, and we were so hyped! We had a great time together. We were all crying through the movie, and this one lady turned around and told us to shut up. The NERVE! Although I must say, my sister was whispering random things that didn't need to be said. But STILL! She even had her feet up on the seat in front of her. Ugh.

Speaking of rude people, we went to a water park today, and these two boys cut in front of my cousin, my sister, and I. They then proceeded to tell us that it wasn't technically cutting. Then, a whole group of boys came up and joined them! UGH!!!!

Gosh, sorry for all the complaining, but it must be rude people day.

Oh, and I also got some new AG stuff! Well, it's handmade clothes for AG, not technically AG. I got some cute daisy print PJs, jean shorts, blue tennis shoes, and an adorable apron. I'll try to get some pics of Emily in them and post them.

I don't know what we're doing tomorrow, but I'll update as soon as I can!

Love, Lena


  1. I saw that guy's comments. They were asolutely sick. Thanks for the reminder.

    Wow, that was realy rude of those people! Some people have no manners, honestly. :P

    Love your blog!


  2. Yeah, that creeper commented on my Picasa too. :-( I deleted and blocked him though, so "HA! weirdo creepy guy! you can't be weird and stupid anymore!" LOL.

    2 of my brothers watched the last Harry Potter movie 2 weeks ago. My other brother and I decided to watch Captain American instead. :) Sorry about the rude people, I know how you feel. But atleast you didn't have your 5-years-younger brother cover his eyes and scream throught the entire CA movie. XD