Monday, July 4, 2011

Our trip so far

So, here is an overview of our trip so far:

Sunday: We left Europe and arrived in Atlanta in the evening. We went swimming and ate dinner at the hotel. Then there was this HUGE storm knocking down tables and everything. We don't get storms like that where I live!
Monday: We went back to the airport and left for St. Thomas. When we got there, we went swimming (again).

Our first view of St. Thomas
Tuesday: We just went between the beach and the pool all day. It was a ton of fun!

Wednesday: We took a boating/fishing trip! I felt a little sick on the trip, and I don't know why. I've always done really well on boats! I fell asleep for a while. We caught several barracudas, but nothing edible. Then we went near the airport and we caught a little Yellowtail Snapper! The captain said, "You'll be set for dinner if you can catch 2 or 3 more of those!" We didn't catch anything else, but the captain knew of one more place. Then my dad felt a big tug on his line, and we caught a huge 20 pound Red Snapper! We ate it for dinner that night, and it was REALLY good.

Our Red Snapper
Thursday: We took the ferry into town, to Charlotte Amalie. There I got a new bathing suit and a dress, because it's tax free on the island and I've grown a TON since last summer! When I mean a ton, I mean 7 inches! It's crazy!

Friday: Friday I met a girl on the beach named Rachel, and she helped me overcome my fear of the water! I've always been a little afraid of getting knocked over by the waves, and that happened several times that day! Now I feel more comfortable swimming in the ocean.

Saturday: Rachel was there again, but only for a few hours. She and her brother had bought boogie-boards on the trip but they couldn't bring them home on the plane that afternoon. They were really nice, and gave them to us! I boogie-boarded all day, and by the end of the day I felt like I was still rocking from the waves! It was a little dizzying.

My sister and I boogie-boarding (I'm on the left)
Sunday: We packed all morning and left that afternoon. We were lucky and caught an earlier flight to Indiana! Unfortunately, our bags couldn't make it on the early flight, so we had no clothes last night! It was a little weird.

This morning both my parents left to go to the airport to pick up our bags, so we will get clean clothes. Now I'm just awaiting plans! We're probably going to spend the day with my grandparents.

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