Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

Hey all! Here are some updates of what we've been doing the last couple of days.

So, on the 4th my grandparents came to the hotel and we cooked burgers, sausages, and corn on the cob. I'm telling you, you can't get good corn on the cob better anywhere than Indiana! My mom also made pink lemonade. After eating, we put on suits and swam in the hotel pool for a while. After swimming, we got dressed up and went out for dinner at PF Changs. Then we all piled in the car and drove downtown to see the fireworks. While we were in the car, my grandmother asked my dad, 'Do you know where we're going?' My dad said, 'No, but I can find out!' I think it was probably funnier in the moment. We stopped in a parking lot near my dad's old work with a bunch of other people. Then the fireworks went off! Oh, how I missed those fireworks!

Tuesday evening, my mom and I went to the mall to get new clothes, because I've grown 7 inches since last summer! I got a bunch of stuff from Aeropostale.

Yesterday we went to Bisa's house with my cousins and my grandparents to go swimming. Bisa is the grandmother of my uncle, and she is really nice!

Today we are going to a BBQ with friends of my mom's. We'll have to see how that goes!

See you soon,


  1. Hey Lena! Can we try to get on Skype tomorrow at noon? Now that were at the same time it kinda makes it easier.. LOL
    Might have a web cam this weekend... I had one last weekend for a few days!

  2. Hi Lena!

    That sounds like so much fun! You're lucky you saw the fireworks...this year I couldn't because we were traveling. :(