Sunday, June 17, 2012

empty house and other news

Hello, everyone! Goodness, this week has been so stressful, and is going to be even more stressful until I leave on Saturday! We are now staying with friends, so there are no worries about living in an empty house

So right before the house was totally packed up, my dad and I had a little office going with what chairs and "tables" we had. (my computer is on the far right)

Then, here are pictures of my room before it was emptied. I miss it already. :'(

As for news, I will be without a computer for a long... long... long... time. I have to give this laptop back to the school (because it belongs to my school), so I won't have a proper computer until I move to my new house. Posting will be very limited this summer, and most likely without pictures. :(

Also, I have an algebra exam first thing tomorrow morning, so prayers are most welcome! ;)

I can't remember if I told you all or not, but I'm participating in season 8 of the American Girl Contest! If you want to see all my pictures from this season so far (and more in the future), go to my Picasa Web Albums. I can't say I'm super proud of all my photos so far, but I'm doing my best with what I can!

See you all later,


  1. Oh my gosh, where did you get that sign for your door? The dormitory one? I need it! I just started reading Harry Potter, and I am a new fan! :)

    I hope the move goes well!


    1. I made that sign myself on Microsoft Publisher. I'm glad you like it!

      Thank you for your concern!

  2. Do you know where you'll be moving{just curious}? Btw, love those rooms! They're so cute!

    1. No, not quite, but almost! When I do know for sure, I'll let you all know which state. Thanks, that's my bedroom!