Tuesday, April 24, 2012

unexpected news

Wow... I really, truly, honestly never thought I would say this until I graduated from high school (which is a few years in the future). I'm leaving Europe.

Shocker, I know. I will no longer be "an American girl living in Europe". I'll be an American girl LEAVING Europe.

I must admit, I'm pretty upset. There's nothing I can do about it, but I'm trying to let go and let God. Even though you don't know me personally, I'd like to think you know me enough to pray for me. I really need some comfort, because this is really rough and stressful on all of our family.

We could leave as early as May 15, we could leave as late as early July. Beyond that I have absolutely no idea because everything is indefinite. I don't even know where we're moving to, except the United States. It's a very complicated situation, not one I'd care to explain.

~A very upset Lena


  1. Oh my goodness! Your... leaving? whoa. I hope that everything goes well. I'll pray for you :3

  2. So sorry to hear you're leaving England! I'll miss seeing your lovely posts of the place you currently call home, but if this is what God wants, then it's what God wants, right?

    1. I don't live in Enlgland, I live in a small country nearer to France. Thank you for your lovely compliment!

  3. Oh, my goodness gracious! That was really sudden! I hope everything goes smoothly and you're satisfied with wherever you end up.
    Love ya and I'm praying.

  4. I'll be praying, most definitely. Love you lots!


  5. I know how that feels, but whatever God has planned is best and even if you're upset now you shouldn't be you never know what's in plan for you in life ;)
    I hope everything goes well!

  6. So sorry to hear you're upset about leaving. I can't say I know how you feel as I've never truely made a large move that I can remember. But I CAN say I'll be praying for you very much. Just let God take you where you need to go and things will be okay.