Monday, April 23, 2012

new look

I hope everyone likes the new look. I was getting bored with the one I had. I was looking at another blog yesterday afternoon and loved their design, so I mimicked it a little. I hope you still find it easy to get around!

My blogoversary is also coming up in a week, and I have a VERY special giveaway planned. If you aren't already, follow my blog! It will benefit both you and I in the long run. ;) Here's a sneak peak as to the giveaway:

Excited? I know I am! If you have an idea of what the giveaway is, don't tell. I want it to be a surprise for everyone. :D

Love, Lena


  1. I think I know what it is... I'm excited!!! :D

  2. LOVE the new look, Lena! It's really very contemporary and still very pretty! And still so easy to get around the site. :)