Sunday, August 12, 2012


Not much has happened since I last posted...

I just wanted to ask you all for some ideas, as I want to put a name to my doll community. I want it to be called "______ Hollow", but I'm not sure what kind of hollow it should be. Keep in mind that I live in Florida.... thanks!

I also have a couple of ideas of really long photo stories that I want to do. One is a winter story and another is a summer story.

The winter one (which I am most likely going to do this winter), takes place on a cruise ship. The main character goes on a winter cruise with her best friend among the northern countries. There is a princess on the ship, and her crown is stolen. Point of the story is that the main character and her best friend find the crown jewels and become friends with the princess.

My other idea is loosely based on "The Parent Trap". It's about girls that meet at camp and discover that they're twins, but it will not include the whole switch-up. My idea so far is to call it "Camp Phipps Lake", but I don't really like that name anymore. Whatever you guys come up with that goes with hollow is what I'll use. I'm also going to make a school bus and matching T-shirts for this idea.  This is the logo that I created on PicMonkey:

These would all go on my doll blog, where Emily's story is on right now. I'm not really sure if I'm liking the whole "Emily as a person" thing, so I think I'm just going to post whatever doll stories I come up with at the time. I have lots of other ideas for stories that I could blog about, but they aren't as detailed in my brain as the ones that I just talked about.

{{Please please please keep in mind that these are ideas that I will execute in the near future. If you like these ideas and would like to use them, contact me above for permission. Thanks!}}

Thanks for your help with coming up with a town name! Remember, it needs to be "______ Hollow".



  1. wWhat about ''Pixie Hollow'' {just kiddin'!} :) Cave Hollow? Flower Hollow? Sorry, but I'm stumped! :)

  2. Pleasant Hollow? Kinda like 'Pleasantville'.

  3. You can name it Doll Hollow :) :) :) Loved your blog,followed you! Please follow back at:


  4. My dolls live in Oakhollow, and considering that you live in Florida, I think you should call it Palm Hollow.