Friday, May 18, 2012

easy american flag headband

So, I know you are going to think this is weird, but I come up with all my best ideas in the shower. Anyways.... I have national day at school next week, and I'm supposed to dress in American clothes and colors. Well, I'm a naughty American and have absolutely NO AMERICAN ANYTHING. It's sad. So I thought I would make an American flag headband to go with my red polka-dot skirt and blue shirt!

For materials, you will need a small American flag, red (or white or blue) thread, and 21 inches of elastic or a pre-made elastic headband.

Next, remove the flag from the stick. The staples came right out of the wood for me, so it shouldn't be too hard. Then fold the flag in half lengthwise and pin.

Stitch around all four sides about 1/4" from the edge. Set the flag aside.

Now take your elastic and pin it in a circle. Make sure that there is about 1" between the ends. It's clearer if you look at the picture. :}

Zig-zag stitch several times through the elastic so it's nice and strong.

Now lay your elastic across the flag lengthwise and pin. Make sure that it's straight and stitch. Backstitching near the edges will reinforce it.

Voila! You have your American flag headband, ready for national day or the 4th of July!

(Sorry, I had to pixelate my face. And my hair is a mess. :P)

So, I hope you find this tutorial easy to follow and fun to do!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or drop a line above!

Love, Lena

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  1. That is sooo cool and I love sewing so I should try it!:D