Monday, March 5, 2012


My sister is really little, and has been into writing her own books. Here are her 3 most recent, with spelling errors and all. If you don't understand, comment me!

how to draw nettle by Bella

1.How to draw a flower.
1. well draw a v
2. draw a sterate lin in the midl of the v.
3. draw a sorkl and peot (put) dots inside
4. After draw haf ovl's all arowd
5. how to drow Grass do up and down line's
the End

how to draw nettly by Bella
1. how to make a mroca (a bootl and rise)
1. opan the Bottl. 
2. poer the rise in. 
3. close it.
4. decorat
The End

The House Of the Windy man by Bella

One day the windy man walked down the streets and right then wam , he got hit in the head By a car. The man that hit the windy man said, you must Be ashamd of your self, becauss you were in the middle of the road. Then the windy man woke up and he didit Remember what happened. The windy man sat up inthen he fell back down. He tried again and again and he finllye Sat up. The driver was angery at the windy man because he was in the middle of the road the windy man didit have a house so he went to find a house. so he got a tour gide and he got the Best and chepest house and the most beautiful house and afuo years later he got mered and he lived happily ever after. the End. 

I hope you enjoyed that, I most certainly did when Bella brought them home from school and I read them! Just note that all the grammatical and spelling errors are hers and not mine. 

Love, Lena

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