Friday, January 25, 2013

agc conflict

So as you all know, I am participating in season 9 of the AGC. The theme for round 3 is "adventure". I've taken two photos, but I'm conflicted as to which one to use.

Photo op #1:

Definitely my favorite regarding quality. However, it doesn't convey creativity with the theme, which is what they are looking for.

Photo op #2:

This photo definitely conveys the creativity they are looking for (Um, I built a pyramid out of bricks!), but also lacks the quality that is also looked for in the entry photo.

Which one do you think I should submit? Please vote in the poll to the right by January 31st. I will let you know which one I submit!

Thank you for your help!



  1. I would tell you which one I like, but I can't because I'm the host :'(

    They both are pretty awesome!

  2. I like the first one. You are a great photographer!