Tuesday, September 4, 2012

welcome caroline!

I will assume you all know about the newly released historical character from American Girl, Caroline Abbot! I will now proceed to review all of her items with great detail.... *ahem*

I think that Caroline is a beautiful doll. Here eyes are a stunning new blue-green color, and I love her blond, curly hair. She reminds me of Lanie (who I wish I had gotten). For practicality purposes, that hair is going to be destroyed the moment a 6-year-old gets her hands on it, but it's lovely for collectors to handle. As for her meet outfit, it's just too.... pink. I mean, I seriously don't think it could get any pinker! It's cute though, and definitely has appeal for little girls.

 I adore the bonnet, but the top seems pointless and there's nothing to put in the bag. Seriously, AG, what happened to the historicals having coins, handkerchiefs, and meaningful jewelry? Definitely overprices for what you get.
 This dress is very sweet, but it comes with so little. I wish it came with the jacket and the hat, as it is so plain without them. I also think that the boots look a little funky with the dress, for some reason.
 I LOVE the jacket! I think the detailing is lovely, and looks great with the coordinating dress. I think the bonnet looks a little too huge on Caroline's head, though.
 I think the basket is really cute, but the contents are sparse for the price. The ginger cakes looks like bricks!
 I LOVE this dress! It is so beautiful, and I love how AG made Caroline crafty enough to make it herself. The shoes are also too cute, a nod to the two-toned saddle shoes to come in the 1920s.
 I love the color purple, but for some reason I'm not digging the dress. I don't know, but maybe it's the gloves; they seem like they don't belong. I think the braided headband is a great idea, though.
This is my absolute favorite set in all of Caroline's collection! The coat is such a lovely color, and so detailed. I love the skates and those mittens are just too cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

This table is not my favorite. The chairs look really short. The dishes, look really detailed, though. Cute, but it looks like cheap quality.
I don't think this nightgown looks era-appropriate, but then again, I haven't been researching this for 3 to 5 years. It's cute for a 20th century doll, though.
 To me, this bed screams, "BUY ME! I'M CHEAP QUALITY FOR A RIDICULOUS PRICE!" If they are going to skimp on the contents, then the price needs to go waaaaay down.
 The kitty is cute, but looks too much like Licorice, which AG just recently re-released. I don't know.
 Wow. Just, wow. This was a genus idea, AG. Great job!
It looks quite a bit too small to hold two dolls like the catalog says.
Overall, I am so pleased with AG and Caroline's collection. I think it's the best collection AG has released since they released Kaya, and that's saying something. The last few new collections have looked cheap and skimpy, but now they have done a fabulous job.
As a general statement, everything is overpriced, but that is inevitable with AG. As long as we continue to buy, they will continue to augment the prices.
I would really like to get Caroline in the future, but she would be a modern doll. I love her collection, but I would keep her items as extras and not for any specific era. I'd name her Leia Marian Abbot. :)
What do you think about Miss Caroline? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Caroline's really pretty! Her things are really cool, though I don't think I'd buy them for what they're offering..... ;)

  2. I hear you on wanting to give Caroline a different name and make her a modern doll - I think I'd probably name her Flora Caroline Holland and make her my Lanie's younger sister. :)

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  4. A lovely doll!


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