Monday, July 2, 2012

commenting issues, Emily's blog, and moving updates

Hi everyone! Thank you all for you lovely comments, I truly do appreciate them. Don't think I'm ignoring you because I'm not replying to your comments, it's just that I'm having trouble doing so on my mom's tablet. As for Emily's blog, I think many of my lovely readers and followers haven't seen her blog yet! I added a link right below the header, so check it out and follow if you can! My family bought a new-to-us van on Friday, and we are supposed to pick it up later today! It's just like the van we had to sell before we moved to Europe. Yay! I, so excited! I'm crazy like that. I love vans. My parents are also going to florida this weekend to look at houses! They've picked out their to two, I believe, so we should be moving in to a house by the beginning of August! Yay! Sorry for all the yays. XD Love, Lena


  1. Coolio! Nice look, by the way. I'm still working on mine:)

  2. Lena, welcome to you and your family to Florida. I live on the East Coast. It's a whole new world here. The best part is that you can go outside most all the time! That makes for great photos of your dolls! On the west coast of Florida, you will love the calm beaches and finding shells. Lover's Key near Fort Myers has really really great shells just laying around! I love the St Petersburg area too. I've never been a teen or youngster here so not sure about schools but there is a lot to do. Sylvia

    1. Actually, I made a typo! We will be moving to the east coast, near my grandparents. It's my uncle who lives on the west coast! Thank you for the lovely welcome, I look forward to living there!

    2. My husband and I have started exploring the middle of Florida --very interesting. I am going to post some more pictures in wild Florida on my blog this summer sometime soon, I hope!